Your Cabinets and interior woodwork
can look new again!

No Toxic Fumes, No Dust, No Mess!

Save Thousands of Dollars

5 Year Guarantee - 20 Years In Business

What Are Some Ways You'll Enjoy Your Cabinets Again?

Get rid of the scratches, peeling, grease and dullness.
Your cabinets will look and feel like new again!

Our service  gives refinishing results but has No Dust, No Mess and No Toxic Fumes like traditional refinishing.

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Our easy care finish lasts for many years. No more oiling, just a quick wipe down keeps it shiny and fresh!

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Thousands of Satisfied Customers - 1995 - 2015

Gleam Guard started in Tulsa, OK and now has branches in Florida, Minnesota, Missouri, Arkansas, Texas, Waahington and Vancouver, BC, Canada. We guarantee the results for 5 years, but customers report that the long lasting results continue 10 to 15 years and more!

Before and After Examples

Gleam Guard Refinish - Making Your Woodwork Like New Again

Gleam Guard Color Change - Color Overlays, Painted and Pickled Finishes

Servicing Kansas City Metroplex, Coming Soon To St Louis MO, Topeka, KS